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Васил Петров - Sings Gershwin

Though young, Vassil Petrov is an established performer with wide professional interests in jazz and pop music.  He graduated from the Academy of Popular Music in Sofia in 1990.  He has taken part in many jazz and popular music festivals, both as a student and as a professional performer.  He has also made many recordings and appearances on Bulgarian Naational Television and is a best-selling recording artist in Bulgaria with hit recordings in 1992 and 1994.  In addition to this, he has performed live in Helsinki, Oslo, Stockholm, Belgrade and at the Winter Olimpics in Lillehammer, Norway.

At present, he is working closely with Villi Kazassyan's Big Band and Acoustic Version, who are a leading Bulgarian jazz band.  He is also working closely with Bulgarian composer Vassil Parmakov and his lyricist Terry Kaliski on the production of two pop albums.  He also plays and sings his own compositions.  He is the only bulgarian performer who has released three LP albums in ine year.  The first one, called "The other one" (UMP) on MC, is with his own songs mostly; the other one called "Castrol Presents: Vassil Petrov" (Pulse Records) on MC & CD, is an all-cover album of well-known pop and jazz standards.  The third one is a duet album MC, CD, with famous Bulgarian piano player Rumen Toshkov.  We are enclosing all of these three albums.  If there is a market in your country for these products, we can make the promotion together.

In the beginning of the year Vassil Petrov had a few very successful concerts with Pleven's Philharmonic Orchestra, and was acclaimed very eagerly from the audience and the critics.  A few weeks ago Mr. Petrov was elected to be the number one male voice in Bulgaria for the First Bulgarian National Music Awards "Orpheus +".  He won in three cathegories - Best Male Vocalist, Best Hit of the Year, Best Abum of the Year for "The Other One".  Now Mr. Petrov is the best selling performer and number one pop and jazz star in our country.

In 1996 Vassil Petrov performed a few gigs in Florida backed by famous jazz players like Dan Moretti (saxophone) and Phil Provenzano (flugelhorn), and a month later performed at Apolonia Annual Festival of Bulgarian Arts, backed by string quorter (formed by the best Bulgarian classical instrumentalists).  There he presented his repertoir of pop standards with classical arrangements.  Among the material there were Beatles and Sting songs, as well as songs by many other artists.

In the summer of 1997 Vassil Petrov performed again at Apolonia Annual Festival of Bulgarian Arts to a standing ovation with the Pleven Philcharmonic Orcestra, conducted by Mr. George Notev, and duetting with National Bulgarian Opera vocal soloist Mrs. Krassimira Stoyanova.  On December 4th he had a sweeping success in Plovdiv, performing with the Plovdiv Philharmonic Orchestra, conducted by Mr. Liubomir Denev and soloist the famed opera singer Christina Angelakova.  On Christmas Eve same year Vassil Petrov performed in Logano, Switzerland.

These days Vassil Petrov is planning to do much more experimental work in the field of pop with his own compositions, tough never losing his unique jazz-flavoured vocal style.

Vassil Petrov has been influenced by many performers in pop and jazz, perhaps none more so that the late Frank Sinatra.  Vassil Petrov is determined, however, to develop his own style.

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